NTTV is about to unveil a never before discovered product design meant to do one thing:

Eliminate the need for any and all 

Technology Product Owners to call Outsourced Tech Support for 

hardware troubles.

Everyone knows how painful resolving an Electronic Device failure is - 

until now

We have developed a Technology that will redesign the Industry of many Consumer Devices built with multiple 

circuit boards and similar components such as a Laptop, Desktop, All-In-One PC, Printer, TV, Refrigerator, Etc. 


1 - No more frustrating calls to a foreign land and trying to communicate 

with people you cannot understand.

2 - No more waiting for weeks until your warranty company finds a 

technician in your area and sends them parts.

3 - No more having to allow strangers into your home to fix your device.

4 - USA tech support 100% of the time!



This just happened last week to a customer that bought a curved screen TV 

It took too long for the parts to arrive to shop, 3 of 4 came within a couple days and the 

4th part took over a week.

The repair order was canceled and Samsung has to issue return part labels and pay me a cancelation fee

Samsung had to replace the customers TV with a brand new one 

estimated loss to warranty issue =


This could have all been avoided had Samsung already possessed the "NO TECH TV" Architecture

they could have troubleshooted the cause with our 3 step process sent the suspected faulty part and had 

the problem resolved in a couple days. 


We are ready to change the way warranty 

repairs are handled in the future. 

Angel Investors can get in on the ground floor and assist in the development of this Multi Million Dollar  technology.



              You can invest in the business side of this project too, $100 up to  $10,000 Investment to become a business partner (.01% to 1% owner) 


                                                            Special Note:


Join our Team as a Customer or an Investor



Thank you for your support !



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